Smart Pool Lottery

We are about to change the way
you bet on lottery

About Our Lottery

We are new decentralized lottery, the biggest lottery in the world, accessible to anyone.
Clever use of blockchain technology and smart contract enable you to bet safer, cheaper and smarter.

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How it works

Our smart contract is a lottery pool manager, he create and manage lottery pool.

Anyone can buy ticket to participate to an ongoing pool using ethereum.

Each ticket you own give you one chance to win the lottery pool.

Each pool have a maximum ticket for sale with a maximum time befor ending and choosing the winner.

With the biggest pool you can win 10,000,000 ETH, actualy around 5 Billion $.

This pool is not the only one you can see other ongoing lottery pool here start with 10ETH to win.

The smart contract is provabily fair and can't be change or censored. The smart contract allow anyone to bet from anywhere in the world as long as you get an internet connection, just follow this steps.

You can bet directly with your computer command line or using a website: You have every info on how to bet here.

Contract Info:

You can read the smart contract and other informations about this new lottery with the following links. If you have any question just post on the bitcointalk topic or in reddit.