Smart Pool Lottery

How to run your own lottery website:

To create your own lottery website:

Anyone can run his own lottery website alowing people to bet on this smart contract, if you run a website you will win 1% of all amount bet through your site.

1 - Go to github and copy this repo.
2 - Modify the first line of the file SmartLotery/PoolManager.js with your ETH address (to receive 1% fee)
3 - Modify anything you would like in html files.
    - You can translate the website in your own language or change design or anything you like to improve.
    - Or you can only keep the SmartLotery directory and bet.html file to add to your existing website.
4 - Upload all files into your server.
5 - Let us a comment with your website address on bitcointalk.
6 - Promote your website.
7 - The Pool Manager will automatically collect 1% of all ETH bet through your website.
8 - You can access the page SmartLotery/fee_panel.html on your own website to collect the fee (you need a mist or metamask account with a minimum ether to pay the gas). Or you can call directly the function getMyFee() of the smartcontract (from geth or web3).